Fixed Voice / Phone Systems

Searching through phone system providers for your businesses telephony solution can be a time consuming and difficult task. No matter what your budget, size, and requirements our team of experts can determine a phone system to suit your needs and get you up and running in the matter of days, dramatically cutting costs, and improving customer experience.

We offer 3CX hosted phone systems that give you great flexibility and mobility, so you do not need expensive hardware to run and can use your office landline number from anywhere. You can either have a standard desk phone or run the software from your desktop or laptop and even use on mobile devices. Even when on the road customers can call your landline number and be put straight through giving a professional appearance.

It is possible to use local landline numbers from hundreds of area codes in the country depending on where you are. Customers can call a single number which then can be assigned to call through to either a single phone within your business or can be directed to call queues to call multiple phones at once – there are other configuration options available too such as call hunt groups and interactive voice recognition digital receptionists to direct customers through to the correct department without the need of an operator to direct the calls.

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