Managed Security

What if all your data was destroyed, or corrupted just by clicking on an email attachment or a link?

Maybe you had a data breach? All of your confidential information was stolen, and sold to your competitors?

Even with security measures in place you may still be at risk of these situations plus more.

This is why our Managed Security is more than just an Anti Virus. It helps to protect your systems by:

  • Minimising the risk of viruses and data theft whilst helping to safe guard your business.
  • Email, Web, and Virus protection.
  • Produces regular reports of any attempted breaches, viruses and malware trying to attack your systems.

The Solution

Manged Security consists of three services:

Systems Monitoring: This takes a comprehensive look at your current systems, and spots any threats – FAST

Administration: Lets us manage all your security measures, and keeps them up to date.

Consulting: Our strategic consultancy services work with you to maximise the protection of your data.


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