Managed Mobiles

Want to improve access to your business systems?

Worried about how safe it is for employees to access your data via a mobile device?

Do you feel it is out of your control?

With the range of available devices growing day by day, why not take advantage of the different choices availible and offer your employees greater flexability?

Risks associated with this include:

  • Risk of being lost or stolen
  • Rising costs of different price plans
  • No process for managing different devices

We take all these worries away from you,giving you peace of mind enabling you to work in the most efficient way for your business.


The Solution

For less than the price of a cup of coffee a day, we can manage your devices so you can reap thefull benefits of working in a more flexible way.

  • Employee Owned Devices
    • Enables passcode setting
    • Wipes data if there is a security breach
    • Gives you better control of your data
  • Company Owned Devices
    • Quick, secure setup including policies
    • Provides data on phone usage
    • Increases both security and cost savings

Managed Mobile Devices offer a comprehensiveservice what ever the device whether it is Company or Employee owned.

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