Internet Services

We are partnered with Bamboo who provide anything from ADSL to FTTP.
Whilst other providers are moving away from traditional telephony there is still a place for it in today’s business world. It really comes down to what you need for how you work today and how you would like to work tomorrow. We work with traditional telephony suppliers to offer workable solutions.

Sometimes these solutions work in harmony with new technologies but understanding that you can’t rip up the manual for traditional fixed office solutions means we work with our eyes open.

Offering lines, calls, traditional broadband (ADSL) and Fibre to The Premise (FTTP) connections across several networks we will explore what is best for your business.



There are a number of options available for modern telephony, ensuring you have the right team on board to explain the options available and the most suitable for you is key.

We can provide a whole host of options from VoIP to SIP, whether it’s a rapid deployment or a cloud based solution you are after we can advise you on the most appropriate products for your business needs.